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It occured to me that no one is giving Spider-Man any love. I mean, think about it. Guy had an okay cartoon back in the nineties, he has a great rogue's gallery, one of the best supporting casts in comics, he's snarky, he has lots of male friends to slash him with if that's your bag, he has two blockbuster movies and another one coming out that's all but guaranteed not to suck, yet all I see when I look on the ol' f-list is stories about Robin and Superboy having sex.

Not that Tim Drake isn't cool and all, but Spider-Man, people! Spider-Man.

So, this challenge is basically for everyone to tell everyone else what they love about Spider-Man, and it's kinda a given that you love Spider-Man or have loved Spider-Man at one point in your life. I mean, you saw the movie, right? Icons, fic, songvid, fanart, scans, that one cheese burrito that kinda looks like the Green Goblin's head, it's all gold, baby. Although you might wanna throw up a warning on that Harry/Norman non-con piece, just to be fair.

Ummm, let me see, quick rule rundown. No flaming, lj-cuts on just about everything, short thingey that rates and summarizes the story above the cut (and has the pairing and any warnings you want to include), thou shalt not commit murder, and if you're going to write a slash story, don't make Mary-Jane a bitch just to justify Peter suddenly deciding he wants to have sex with Johnny. It's tacky is all.

And, once you're done posting your magnum opus, think about cross-posting it to one of these other fine comms, which don't get enough love either.

spideyslash (a Spider-Man slash community)
johnny_peter (a Spider-Man/Human Torch slash community)

Alright, I'm done. Have fun and don't forget to tip your waitresses.