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Spider-Man When Worlds Collide: Episode I: The Vine of Poison Ivy [Oct. 5th, 2010|08:24 am]
Give Spider-Man some love
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t was finally over. MJ had broken up with Spider-Man. The one person who had kept Pete going was out of his life. The phone call was horrendous. He wanted to call his friends and yell about the nerve of this bitch. Still, he just wept, waiting for police radios that never came.

Then suddenly, he heard a blast. It was coming from Osborne's lab. Osborne had just gotten out of rehab, and the Green Goblin was gone forever, but spider-Man couldn't risk another accident. He got on his suit, and swung over to the lab.

Sure enough, Norman Osborne was there, with another middle aged scientist. "Imagine it" said Osborne "the ability to go through Universes. Imagine how many new thing's will be discovered! This is the beggining of a bright future for humanity John." John frowned. "I'm not sure. The vortex from the machine could cause a black hole. One that could destroy the country." Osborne laughed, but not maniacly, like he would have as the Goblin. "I've been planning this since the day I got out of rehab. I think I know what I'm doing. Flip the switch!"

John flipped the switch. Suddenly, a black, electrical vortex consumed the machine. It began sucking in everything in procsimity. John was sooned sucked in, and ripped to pieces through the other end. "JOHN!!!!" roared Osborne. Spidey had to stop it. He swung over to the power cords with all the strength in his body, and pulled out the cords. He was exhausted, with barely enough strength to walk. the whole building was in flames, and Osborne was seriously injured, missing all 4 limbs. Suddenly, Spider-Man saw something. It was a woman. the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She had green skin, large breasts and red hair, and wore a suit made of leaves. She didn't see him, but spidey sure saw her. "Who are you?" he whispered. Suddenly, a man wearing black all over his body and a cape came up to him.

Spider-Man approached him. "Who was that woman?" The dark man sighed. 'My name is Batman. I'll explain more about her later. Come with me." Spider-Man followed Batman to a cave. Of course, the cave was enhanced, filled with technology he had never seen before. Batman looked spaced "Her name is Poison Ivy, Pamela Isley. She is a criminal.' Spider-Man looked confused. "What is she like?" "She was raised by parents that couldn't care less about her. She was the nerd of her school, and didn't have many friends. Seduced and raped often, she soon became the result of a scik science experiment, where she became who she is."

Spider-Man could tell that Batman didn't like this woman. However, Spider-man didn't see a hardened criminal. He saw a misguided, poor soul. due to his injuries, he had to stay in the cave for days. The longer he stayed, the more he began to love Ivy. Then one day, his life was changed.

Spider-Man woke up to a strange noise.  He looked out of his window and he saw Batman. However, he also saw the woman who was his love. Poison Ivy. If Batman defeated her, he would take her to jail. Spider-Man couldn't let that happen. He swung from the cave, deflecting a blow meant for Ivy. He hit him in the jaw, while he deflected another blow. A batman came up, he kicked him in the face. Batman stared at Spider-Man with a look of hatred. "How could you? She is a criminal!" Spider-Man held him up to the wall. "Im not letting you put the love of my life in a prison!" Batman spat in his face "You are an accomplice now. You are as much my enemy as her!" Spider-Man hit him in the face, knocking him out cold.

He then decided he would follow Ivy. Suddenly, a gargantuan, slimy humanoid thing rose from the ground. "Sandman?" Spidey asked. "The name is Clayface. Let's see how long it takes to kill you!" Clayface turned his hand into a giant hammer and swung it at Spidey. Spider-Man dodged it and hit him in the face. It didn''t seem to do much, as Clayface hit him with a massive hammer blow. Spider-Man jumped up and kicked Clayface. Before Clayface could do much, Spider-Man threw a pail of water at him. "YOU BASTARD!!" Clayface yelled. "I'll get you!! I'll get you and Batman!!" he roared as he dissapeared into the distance. Suddenly, everything went black for Spidey.

He woke up in a giant biodome. In front of him was the woman he loved. Poison Ivy. She smiled at him. "You've got a lot of explaining to do webhead. First of all, who are you?" Spider-Man got up slowly. "My name is Spider-Man. I''m the local superhero." Ivy looked confused. "Okay, then why did you try to save my life? Batman told you I was a criminal." Spider-man looked up with a smile disguised by his mask. "Because I love you. At least I think I love you. Batsy told me that you use pheromones on other humans to make them love you. I couldn't let Batman put you in a place you didn't deserve to be." Ivy sighed. "It wasn't my pheremones, Spidey. My pheremones are voluntary, and unless I actually see you, useless." She almost began to tear up. "No ones ever said they loved me on their free will. And no one has ever loved me for who I was. And goddamnit the worst part is I'm not even a loving person. You are Harley are probablly my only human friends and...and..." Spider-Man held Ivy close to his body and kissed her passionatley. Both of each others tongues were in each others mouths. Spidey felt the poison go through his bloodstream. However, instead of killing him, it made him more powerful. Spider-Man and Ivy then began to tear each others clothes of as they began to have sex. It wad the best feeling either of them had either had, their sexual organs feeling insane. Spidey then began to lick her pussy. It actually tasted very good. Ivy then sucked Spidey's cock. The tingling in his bonar was insanse. "That...Feels...So...Good!" Spidey said in between pants. Spidey had found a girlfriend. Ivy had found herself someone who loved her for who she was.

However, not all was well. Clayface sat in his lair, plotting. "That goddamned Spider-man almost killed me. He made me look like a fool. I will destroy him!" Suddenly he heard a voice. 'You can not kill him alone. Let us help you." Clayface turned around, frightened. "Who's there!" He yelled. A black, sticky substance appeared latching on to his body. At first, Clayface tried to struggle, but he soon felt better, more powerful. "We wish to destroy Parker as well. We are an alien symbonite, in need of a worthy host to combat Spider-Man. Alone, we are useless, but together we are strong. You give me a host, and I give you power!" "YES. YES!!!" yelled Clayface. "Neither Spider-Man or Batman will feel or mercy!! The world is ours, and nobody can stop us!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

To Be Continued... (Possibly)